Code of Conduct


  • Participants (children and adults) must have regularly attended the Sahasranama sessions to be seated on the stage. Those who could not attend any of these sessions are welcome to join us from the audience.


  • Children will be chanting with the adults.  It is important that their volume is heard loud and clear in line with the volume of the adults. To that end, CTU would be seating the children so that the volume of the group as a whole is not compromised. These decisions may be in conflict with height considerations. CTU would appreciate the family members’ understanding and cooperation in this regard.
  • Children must look straight, with the hands on their knees and sit upright with their backs straight. They have to bring their own copies of the Sahasranama books and can read the book when they are not chanting as a group.

Dress Code

Participants are encouraged to follow the following dress code:

  • Boys/Men: Veshti (Dhoti) or Paijama and Shirt/Kurta (White or Cream color would be preferred)
  • Girls: Indian attire only (South Indian attire like Pawadai/Dhavani/Saree strongly recommended)
  • Participants are requested to not wear Jeans, T-shirts, shirts with printed messages etc. on the stage.