Pancharatna Kritis

Pancharatna Kritis are a set of five kritis composed by Saint Tyagaraja in praise of Lord Rama.  These kritis are the flagship performances of the first day of the Tyagaraja Utsavam festival:

  • Jagadananda Karaka – Raga Naata – Adi Tala
  • Dudukugala – Raga Gaula – Adi Tala
  • Sadhinchene – Raga Arabhi – Adi Tala
  • Kanakana Ruchira – Raga Varali – Adi Tala
  • Endaro Mahanubhavulu – Raga Sri – Adi Tala

Chicago Tyagaraja Utsavam has standardized the manner in which these kritis are rendered during our festival held during the Memorial Day weekend each year.   We welcome everyone to attend the CTU Pancharatnam practice sessions and listen and learn from the kritis being rendered per the CTU standard.  Please note the  guidelines that apply for participating in the CTU Pancharatnam performances.

Pancharatnam practices will be held 2nd Saturday & 4th Sunday of the month, from January, till Utsavam (Memorial Day weekend).   After the Utsavam there will be two practice sessions the rest of the year.  CTU strongly encourages all children, regardless of age and training level to attend the Pancharatnam practice sessions and listen and learn from the Kritis being rendered per the CTU standard.

The Pancharatna Kritis are performed by adults and children attending these practice sessions on the first day of the Memorial Day Utsavam each year.  One of these five Kritis will be rendered by children alone in G-Shruti.Another Kriti will be rendered by a group of adults and children in C-Shruti.  These change every year as indicated below. All other Kritis will be performed by the whole group of adults and children in G-Shruti.

At CTU’s request, the G-Shruthi practice sessions are conducted by Vasanthi Iyer and the C-Shruthi sessions are conducted by Shankar Jagadeesaiyer.

Year G-Shruti C-Shruti
2014 Endaro Jagada
2015 Duduku Kanakana
2016 Jagada Sadinchene
2017 Kanakana Endaro
2018 Sadhinchene Duduku

If you are interested in attending the CTU Pancharatnam practice sessions, please provide your contact information on our Stay Informed page.   CTU will use this contact information to keep you informed about upcoming practice sessions.

If you are interested in hosting a session please send email to{at}chicagotyagarajautsavam{dot}org.