Please review the Q&A below before sending any questions you have to ctu {DOT} gt {AT} chicagotyagarajautsavam {DOT} org.

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1. Can adults attend the CTU Geetharthamu practice sessions to learn the Krithi?

A. The CTU Geetharthamu practice sessions are being held for those children who have already learnt the Krithi based upon CTU guidelines. Everyone is welcome to attend and listen to these sessions seated in the background. Singing the Krithi along with the group that is practicing it during these sessions can be disruptive. To that end, CTU requests your cooperation by attending and maintaining complete silence during these sessions.

2. What are the options available for those children who are not in a position to learn the Krithi based upon CTU guidelines from their teacher?

A. There are two options available:

  • Teachers can always contact CTU to understand the CTU guidelines for rendering this Krithi.
  • Parents of children can also contact the teachers listed here to explore the possibility of their child learning this Krithi from them directly.