Participation Guidelines

CTU strongly encourages all children, regardless of age and training level to attend the Pancharatnam practice sessions and listen and learn from the Kritis being rendered per the CTU standard.

In order to perform the Pancharatnam at the Utsavam, the following rules apply:

  • Participants must be between 10 and 20 years old as of the Memorial Day weekend.
  • Participants must have fully learnt all the kritis they are performing prior to the first practice session in April.
  • CTU requests teachers to ensure that children have at least four years of training and have been trained in Sarali Varisai through Alankaram (3 speeds), Geethams, Swara Jathis and at least 5 Varnams in 2 speeds, before having them participate in the Pancharatnam practice sessions.
  • The extent to which children can properly render a kriti and their regularity in attendance year around are critical considerations for their seating on the stage. Only those children who can properly sing Sri Ganapathini and all 5 Pancharatnams with visibly accurate Thalam and audible voice will be considered for seating in the first row on the stage.
  • The front rows in the adult section are usually reserved for teachers. Participants seated in the front rows must be able to fluently sing Sri Ganapathini and all the Pancharatna Kritis fluently.
  • Participants should be dressed in Indian attire