Utsava Sampradaya Kritis

CTU 2018 Utsava Sampradaya Krithis classes

Chicago Tyagaraja Utsavam is glad to announce that the regular monthly classes for teaching Utsava Sampradaya Krithis will be starting in Nov 2017.  This is being done so that new generations of children are properly trained to perform these Krithis during CTU events including the Utsava Abhivandanam function.  CTU children also get the opportunity to perform some of these Krithis before the USK procession held outdoors during the Memorial Day weekend each year.

The following songs will be taught this year.

New Songs

  • Meluko Dayanidhe, Sourashtram, Rupakam
  • Seetha Kalyana, Kurinji, Khanda Chapu
  • Koluvai yunnade – devagandhari-Adi

Brush up songs

  • Nagumomu, Madhyamavathi, Adi
  • Ksheera sagara vihara- Anandabhairavi – Khanda Chapu

Children of all ages are welcome to attend these classes.


Detailed Schedule 

DatePractice Session Content
12 Nov 2017Learn Melukodayanidhe, Sowrashtram ragam.
10 Dec 2017Practice Melukodayanidhe, Sowrashtram ragam
Learn Koluvai Yunnade, Devagandhari ragam, Pallavi & Anupallavi
21 Jan 2018Practice Melukodayanidhe, Sowrashtram ragam
Koluvai Yunnade, Devagandhari ragam, Charanam
11 Feb 2018Practice Melukodayanidhe, Sowrashtram ragam
Practice Koluvai Yunnade, Devagandhari ragam, Charanam
Learn Kshreera Sagara Vihara, Ananda Bhairavi Ragam
11 Mar 2018Learn and practice Seethakalyana, Kurinji Ragam
Learn and practice Nagumomu, Madhayamavathi Ragam
15 Apr 2018Practice all 5 songs
1st Rehearsal for CTU Abhivandanam
27 Apr 2018Final rehearsal for abhivandanam

Hosting Sessions

  • If you are willing to host a session, please let us know by sending an email to ctu.usk {AT} ChicagoTyagarajaUtsavam.org. We need a lot of support from hosts to make this happen.  

Questions: Email ctu.usk {AT} ChicagoTyagarajaUtsavam.org


Registration Deadline: 20 Oct 2017

If you or your children are interested in attending these monthly classes, please SUBMIT the information below by the Registration Deadline.  Please note that only registered children will be getting the practice session and venue details. There is no age limit for attending these classes, so we encourage everyone to attend.