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Chicago Tyagaraja Utsavam is glad to provide the recordings of the teacher-student versions of the Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram in CDs.

These CDs are available along with the purchase of the CTU Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram book by clicking on Making Payments.  If you have already purchased a book, please send a mail to ctu.vss {AT} ChicagoTyagarajaUtsavam {dot} org for a copy of the CD.

These recordings have been split into logical segments corresponding to the classes held according to the CTU Practice Schedule.

CTU Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram students are encouraged to listen to these recordings to practice what has been taught in each session in preparation for the slokams to be taught in upcoming sessions.

These recordings are Copyright protected by the US Library of Congress – Registrar of Copyrights. Please do not to distribute these to others.

We welcome you to share your experience listening to this version.

Questions? Please send email to ctu.vss {at} chicagotyagarajautsavam {dot} org

Section NumberPagesSlokam NumbersDescriptionLink to recording
1Page 1 to 3Beginning to Slokam 16Recording
2Page 3 to 4Asya Sri ...Recording
3Page 4Dhyanam ...Recording
4Page 51 to 3Vishwam Vishnur ...Recording
5Page 64 to 12Sarvah Sharvah ...Recording
6Page 713 to 21Rudro Bahusira ...Recording
7Page 822 to 30Amrtyuh Sarvadrk ...Recording
8Page 931 to 40Amratam Sudbhavo ...Recording
9Page 1041 to 50Udbhavah Kshobhano ...Recording
10Page 1151 to 60Dharma gub Dharma krd ...Recording
11Page 1261 to 70Sudhanva Khanda Parasur ...Recording
12Page 1371 to 80Bramanyo Brahma Krd ...Recording
13Page 1481 to 90Tejo vrso Dyuti dharah ...Recording
14Page 1591 to 100Bhara Bhrt kathito ...Recording
15Page 16101 to VanamaliAnadir Bhur Bhuvo ...Recording
16Page 171 to 9Itidam Kirtaniyasya ...Recording
17Page 1810 to 19Vasudevasrya martyo ...Recording
18Page 1920 to 21, 1 to 3Eko Visnur Mahad Bhutam ...Recording
19Page 204 to 8Parvatyuvaca ...Recording
20Page 219 to endParitranaya Sadhunam ...Recording