Code of Conduct


Dress Code:

  • Boys/Men: Veshti (Dhoti) or Paijama and Shirt/Kurta (White or Cream color would be preferred)
  • Girls: Indian attire only (South Indian attire like Pawadai/Dhavani/Saree strongly recommended)
  • Participants are requested to not wear Jeans, T-shirts, shirts with printed messages etc. on the stage.


  • Hair should be braided or tied back so that there is no hair covering any portion of the face in the front
  • Ornaments should be restricted to the hands, neck, ears and nose


  • Leave your cell phones with your family members in the audience
  • Keep the beat (thalam) softly by tapping rather than clapping hard
  • Concentrate on the overall performance
  • Respect the presence of the other artists and the audience by maintaining silence if and when you are not performing at any point of time


  • Children must remember their respective seat numbers to facilitate easy seating on stage before the performance
  • Obtain your stage passes
  • Carry your stage passes with you all the time
  • After the performance is over, exit the stage last row first to your right
  • Go downstairs and line up for the photo session after the Pancharatnam