CTU 2018 Thodaya Mangalam Performance

Chicago Tyagaraja Utsavam is glad to announce the Thodaya Mangalam performance in Dakshina Bharata Prachina Bhajana Sampradayam during the 2018 Memorial Day music festival.

At CTU’s request, Smt. Srividhya Ganesh will conduct the training.

Registration Deadline: 30 November 2017

List of Krithis

Thodaya Mangalam consists of 5 Krithis composed by the great devotees Sri Bhadradri Ramadas, Sri Annamacharya and Sri Vijaya Gopala Swamigal.

Jaya Janaki RamanaSri Bhadradri RamadasNattaiJhampa
Sharanu SharanuSri AnnamacharyaArabhiMisra chaapu
Murahara nagadharaSri AnnamacharyaMadhyamavatiAdi
Devesha GanaaraadhitaSri Vijayagopala SwamigalSaveriRupakam
Madhava Bhavatute Jaya MangalamSri Vijayagopala swamigalPantuvaraliAdi

In continuation with the Bhajana Sampradayam, the 2018 performance includes the Krithis listed below in addition to those listed above:

Guru dhyana keerthana: Guru Moullimahne Bhaje Bhavantam
Guru Abhang: Guru dhyaayi Guru dhyaayi
Santh mahima shlokams and kriti: Saadhukkal sangathaiye maname.

Participation Guidelines

  • Participants must be able to sing or play the following with ease:
    • Sarali Varisai through Alankaram (3 speeds)
    • Geethams and Swara Jathis
    • At least 1 Varnam in 2 speeds
    • At least 1 Kriti
  • Children of ages 9 and above are welcome to register their interest in participating.
  • Adults are also welcome to register.
  • All interested participants are required to submit the information requested below.
  • If you are registering for the CTU Thodaya Mangalam performance for the first time, please send a recording of any kriti per the recording guidelines below.
  • Selected new participants will have special learning sessions in Dec 2017 (dates to be announced later).
  • Group practice sessions for all selected participants will commence in January 2018.  
  • Selected participants must attend the group practice sessions on a regular basis and be open to corrections in order for the group of participants to come out with a well-coordinated, synchronized, high-quality performance.
  • Participants must attend the group learning and practice sessions on a regular basis to come out with a well-coordinated, synchronized, high-quality performance.

Recording Guidelines

  • The recording must be in MP3 format
  • The MP3 recording must contain the complete performance of the Kriti.  The demo entry recording must not contain any content other than the performance itself. Please make sure that the recording does not contain any details about the applicant or the performance within the demo entry.
  • Even though there is no specific time limit for the duration of the recording, the size of the MP3 audio files should not exceed 20 Megabytes (MB). When recording these MP3 entries, a sampling rate of 128 KBps at a frequency of 44 KHz is recommended.
  • Please name the MP3 file CTU_2018_Thodaya_Mangalam_Submission.mp3.
  • Please make sure that the location where you upload the recording is accessible.

Registration Deadline

  • Registration for CTU 2018 Thodaya Mangalam performance is now closed.


  • CTU will work with the Thodaya Mangalam teacher to determine the participants who will be trained for this performance based on various criteria including the extent to which they can properly render the composition and their regularity in attendance.
  • CTU Thodaya Mangalam Coordinator will contact interested participants on next steps.

Practice Sessions

  • Special Sessions for new participants: Dec 2017 (dates to be announced)
  • Group Practice Sessions for selected participants will begin from Jan 2018 on the 1st and 3rd Sundays from 4 pm to 6:30 pm leading up to the Memorial Day music festival.  


Sunday, January 21, 2018 (New Participants only)

  • Opening Shlokams 1 & 2
  • Jaya Janaki Ramana Kriti  
  • Sharanu Sharanu

Sunday, February 4, 2018

  • New Participants
    • Opening ‘Rama’ Smaranam
    • Opening Shlokams
    • Murahara Nagadhara
  • All Participants
    • Opening ‘Rama’ Smaranam
    • Opening Shlokams
    • Jaya Janaki Ramana Kriti
    • Sharanu Sharanu
    • Murahara Nagadhara
    • Learnt new Kriti Guru Moulimhane – Pallavi , Namavalli

Sunday, February 18, 2018

  • New participants
    • Devesha Ganaradita
  • All participants
    • Opening ‘Rama’ Smaranam
    • Opening Shlokams
    • Jaya Janaki Ramana Kriti
    • Sharanu Sharanu
    • Murahara Nagadhara
    • Devesha Ganaradita
    • Continued learning Guru Moulimhane – Charanams, Namavalli

Sunday, March 4, 2018

    • Go over all the learnings, lead and follow and corrections.


Registration for CTU 2018 Thodaya Mangalam performance is now closed.


Registration Fee: $10 per participant for each group performance.  

Participants must pay the registration fee by the end of Jan 2018. The Registration Fee is not refundable.  

In addition to the Registration Fee, there will be a Participation Fee on the day of the performance. Families of all participants must make applicable payments due for the day of the performance during the CTU 2018 Memorial Day festival (details to be announced later).

Questions: Please contact ctu {dot} gp {AT} ChicagoTyagarajaUtsavam {dot} org

Updated 3 Feb 2018: Please complete the information below and click on Checkout to pay the CTU 2018 Thodaya Mangalam Registration fee.

Note: Photographs from CTU practice sessions may be shared across CTU publications and CTU social media channels.



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