Chicago Tyagaraja Utsavam (CTU) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting Carnatic music in the USA. We actively support students, teachers and amateurs of all ages to learn, perform, master and propagate this ancient and contemporary classical art. Throughout the year, CTU sponsors high quality concerts by visiting artists from India as well as by artists based in the USA.

There are many opportunities for children, youth and adults to volunteer for CTU.  We are always looking for new generations of qualified, enthusiastic youth with appropriate background to do various tasks as described below.

CTU creates an environment for modernizing the volunteering experience while making it teen friendly for everyone including the under-served population. Our volunteering opportunities for high school students focus on meaningful service work and pair cultural activities with learning experiences. These volunteers can augment the CTU infrastructure while increasing operational efficiency with the introduction of technology and automation for the right reasons.

Subject to the availability of corporate sponsorships for transformative projects, CTU may be in a position to compensate qualified individuals for the time they spend on activities that align with the sponsor’s guidelines

General Volunteering Opportunities

  • Event Setup. Assisting with the arrangements to be made before, during and after a CTU event at the venue on the day of the event.  All you need to do is to show up for the event!  There is always good work to be done at all the events.
  • Volunteering Online.  CTU welcomes you to share the information about CTU events and activities posted on Facebook by sharing them at your discretion with your community of friends and acquaintances.  To ensure that you are notified about CTU posts, please follow these instructions.
  • Food Volunteers.  A sumptuous home-cooked meal using many of the popular CTU Recipes prepared by our community of well-wishers is served on the first day to complement the musical feast. We certainly appreciate your assistance in preparing this feast. Please click here to join the CTU family of Culinary Artists.
  • Hosting and Transportation Assistance.  CTU welcomes families to host the professional artists who come to perform at CTU and conduct camps and workshops for the community at large.  We also need all your help to provide transportation for the visiting artists between the locations where they are hosted, event venues and airports as needed.
  • Hosting CTU Practice sessions.  CTU conducts practice sessions for various group performances throughout the year.  If you are interested in hosting these practice sessions at your residence, please send an e-mail to the appropriate address for the respective session.
  • Distributing Posters. CTU distributes posters and flyers about its upcoming events in various stores around the community.  Please send an e-mail to ctu {dot} info {AT} ChicagoTyagarajaUtsavam.org if you can assist with this distribution.

Volunteering opportunities for school-going children

There are many opportunities for school going children to volunteer for CTU.  We are always looking for new generations of qualified, enthusiastic youth with appropriate background to do various tasks as described below.  

Active participation in such activities will provide a great opportunity to develop your organizing and cataloging skills, technical skills as well as sharpen your knowledge in Carnatic music.

Note: Many of these volunteering opportunities do not require physical presence on site and can be done remotely from any part of the world.

We welcome school-going children to share their passion and interests on these volunteering opportunities.