Divya Nama Sankeerthanams

CTU 2016 Divya Nama Sankeerthanams

Chicago Tyagaraja Utsavam will be celebrating its 40th year anniversary in 2016 over a nine-day period from Saturday, 28 May 2016 through Sunday, 5 June 2016. The festival will be held during the Memorial Day weekend and the weekend that follows with programs in the evenings during the week as well. We welcome everyone to attend and actively participate in the festivities on all days. Please mark your calendars for this nine-day festival of music, dance, food and many activities that involve the children, youth and adults of all ages from multiple communities.

Chicago Tyagaraja Utsavam is glad to announce the performance of Divya Nama Sankeertanams during the 2016 Memorial Day music festival.

The following Divya Nama Sankeertanams will be performed this year:

  • paripaalaya, Ritigowla Ragam, Adi Thalam
  • Rama Rama – Jenjuti Ragam, Rupaka Thalam


Participation Guidelines

Children meeting the following requirements can participate in this performance:

  • They are at least in 2nd grade and not more than 13 years of age during the Memorial Day festival.
  • They have learnt the Kritis being performed this year and can properly render them at the CTU practice sessions.
  • Participation in Divya Nama Sankeertanams does not preclude any child from participating in their own individual/group performances during the Memorial Day festival.

CTU 2016 DNS Registration Deadline: 10 Apr 2016

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Questions: Send e-mail to ctu {dot} dns {at} ChicagoTyagarajaUtsavam {dot} org.