CTU 2018 Registration Guidelines

Chicago Tyagaraja Utsavam announces the registration process for the Homage to Tyagaraja sessions during this music festival. Children and adults pay homage to Saint Tyagaraja at this festival. CTU invites you to actively participate on all days of our festival.

CTU 2018 Registration Deadline: Sunday, 22 Apr 2018

Tyagaraja Homage Program involves the vocal or instrumental rendition of Saint Tyagaraja’s compositions by the participants.

Updated 15 Mar 2018: Thank you to those of you who have registered for the Homage to Tyagaraja sessions at the #CTU2018 festival this year. Please note that there is a very limited number of slots available for Individual Performances this year.  CTU may not be in a position to accommodate registrations for Individual Performances received after today.  Registrations received for Individual Performances received after today will be wait listed. Wait listed registrations for Individual Performances may be accommodated depending on various factors including cancellations and no-shows. We are also exploring the possibility of additional time-slots for Individual Performances but do not have any details yet.  


Registration Process

Step One: Review Quick Summary below

Step Two: Read Additional Information as applicable


Quick Summary

Note: Due to logistical constraints, Accompanied Performances are not being held during the 2018 Memorial Day festival and are likely to be part of another CTU event in the Fall of 2018 (details to be announced later).

If you are ...Please consider ...
A studentWorking with your teacher
A Teacher from ChicagolandLocal Teacher Session
A Teacher external to ChicagolandExternal Teacher Session
Part of a GroupGroup Sessions
Performing Solo with no accompanimentsIndividual performances

Additional Information

Scheduling Guidelines

  • Teacher Sessions will be scheduled on Saturday, 26 May 2018 at the Sama Rathi Auditorium. 
  • Group Sessions will be scheduled after Teacher Sessions on Saturday, 26 May 2018 at the Sama Rathi Auditorium
  • Individual Performances Program – Click on Individual Performances in the table above.
  • The specific time at which each performance is scheduled will be announced on Friday, 26 May 2018 in the evening.
  • CTU may not be able to accommodate new registrations received after the CTU 2018 Registration Deadline.
  • There is a limited number of Individual Performances that can be accommodated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registrations received after this limit is reached will be wait listed. CTU will do its best to accommodate them subject to the availability of time. CTU cannot provide any updates on the wait-listed status in advance.

Performance Guidelines

  • A participant may pay Homage to Tyagaraja only once at the festival, in addition to participating in CTU Group Performances,   Time permitting, participants have the option of paying homage through a secondary art form after all the registrants have been accommodated.
  • The kriti performed cannot be one of the CTU Group Performance Kritis for this year.  
  • If a Teacher or Group Session has more than Six (6) vocalists, or Three (3) identical instruments, they are allowed to have accompaniments.
  • Instruments considered to be accompaniments: Violin, Mridangam, Ghatam, Khanjira and Moharsing


  • All attendees and participants must pay each day’s rates to attend or participate on that day


Questions: Please review the responses to Frequently Asked Questions before sending an e-mail to ctu {dot} regn {at} ChicagoTyagarajaUtsavam {dot} org.

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